From classy to trashy |

From classy to trashy

Dear Editor:

Aspen used to be a classic. It used to be classy. The folks who lived here and visited here used to have a lot of class. (And I’m not talking about the “big money” type class, but rather the kind of class you build out of respect, decency, and manners.)

So, to whomever it may concern: How tacky of you to roll your groceries home in a store cart and then just leave the cart in the snow in front of your condo, or on one of the malls, or street corners in the heart of town! This winter has been the worst season I can ever remember for this practice. Do you think markets send out a retrieving team to take care of your carelessness? Today I saw the worst example of this ” an abandoned grocery cart, half-filled with trash, left at the corner of Hunter and Hyman. It was situated beside a trash can that was only one-third filled. Are you just too lazy to open the lid of the trash can provided? Oh, it’s no longer there. I took care of it as I formulated this letter in my mind.

Speaking of trash, if I can set my two bags of groceries down to pick up your paper cups, lids, sandwich wrap, etc. and carry it ten steps to the trash can, you can do it much easier in the first place yourself! Isn’t it enough we have to look at all the ugly construction sites pouring out onto the streets in almost every neighborhood, month after month? Or is that maybe one reason why you feel comfortable trashing the town since it looks so trashy now anyway?

Even though it’s getting harder to see the scenery surrounding the town of Aspen with so many buildings going higher and higher, we owe it to this natural beauty to clean up our act in the city limits. If you can’t pick up after yourself, and show some respect and gratitude for being able to spend time here, then maybe you don’t belong here.

P.S. To those of you who use a grocery cart to take your groceries home or to your vacation lodge, but then return the cart to the store or keep it stashed away in a private place, thank you. My letter was not directed toward you.

Ricki Smith Newman



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