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High Country: From Burton to Dosist, Anne-Marie Dacyshyn reaches new heights in cannabis

Amid the Winter X Games in Aspen, the marketing pro talks all things wellness, snowboarding and stigma.

Katie Shapiro
High Country

Three years ago today, Anne-Marie Dacyshyn had unknowingly embarked on her final Winter X Games in Aspen as Burton’s chief marketing officer. Rising through the ranks of the iconic snowboarding brand since her start with the company in 2006, she headed from Aspen to PyeongChang for the 2018 Winter Olympics, where she received a random phone call that changed the course of her career.

On the other end, from the other side of the world, was Dosist. The Los Angeles-based cannabis start-up, first founded in 2016 as hmblt, earned a spot on TIME magazine’s “25 Best Inventions” list that year (it’s also since been recognized by Fast Company as one of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” and one of LinkedIn’s “Top Startups 2019: The 50 hottest U.S. companies to work for now”). The executive team was recruiting her — and only her — to lead the Dosist marketing team.

With Dacyshyn officially on board as chief marketing officer, Dosist continued to emerge as a leader in the vaporizer category promising to deliver “health and happiness” through a patented precision technology pre-loaded into its sleek, white Dose Pens.

Widely available at dispensary partners throughout California, Dosist has expanded its reach to Canada, Nevada and, most recently, Colorado, where its product line hit licensed retailers in the spring of last year. Also amid the pandemic, the company has introduced Dosist THC-Free — high-concentration tinctures targeting three benefits (Calm, Sleep and Relief) and available online for nationwide shipping; a spray and topical are coming soon.

And earlier this month, Dosist teamed up with 710 Labs and Bear Extraction House to launch a live resin collection designed for cannabis purists to offer an elevated potency with ongoing limited-edition pod drops of each cult company’s most exotic strains. All Dosist live resin and liquid live resin products are now available through Dosist delivery in Los Angeles and at select retailers across California; a Colorado rollout is slated for the first quarter of 2021.

Ahead of a crowd-less X Games (Jan. 29-31 on ESPN) unlike any the annual event has experienced before, I caught up with Dacyshyn via phone from her home in Santa Monica to talk all things cannabis, snowboarding and stigma.

KATIE SHAPIRO: Tell me about this chance phone call you had while on the ground with Burton in PyeongChang?

ANNE-MARIE DACYSHYN: I was honored and humbled to be there. We had dozens of athletes that had made their respective national teams, and Burton had designed the uniforms, which we were very proud of, for a number of the nationalities. So it was just a very special, kind of career pinnacle moment of being there with Jake Burton (who passed away in 2019), his family, all of our athletes and their families. (It was) so special. So, out of the blue, I get this call. And honestly, everything about what I heard just turned my head. I am just such a brand girl and a passionate marketer by nature. And I was very intrigued by their product platform and mission. I leaned in and took a meeting — fast-forward to today, where I’m coming into my third year of being with the Dosist team.

KS: That’s like a lifetime in cannabis years.

AMD: Right? What I loved about Dosist was that they’ve always been a slow play. We’re building a forever brand. We’re going to really remove the stigmas. We’re going to really bring people back to the essence of the plant.

KS: Did you have any sort of concerns leaving such an accepted industry for cannabis at all?

AMD: What’s so interesting about it was that it felt oddly like getting back on the ride that snowboarding had provided to me because there are so many similarities. Snowboarding was literally illegal in the beginning. (Burton) had to disrupt and pioneer a very traditional category like skiing and really learn to put education first. I remember what Jake, who was a longtime mentor of mine, always said: “If you put the education and the experience of the sport first, the commercial success and the brand follows.” Dosist felt like an opportunity to do that again.

KS: How have the stigmas compared?

AMD: Cannabis in most of the world is still illegal. So it felt like, “Wow, I’ve sort of been groomed for this.” And to be able to bring those same playbooks of using education to take away the stigmas and make people feel more comfortable of what this amazing plant can do — it’s an incredible opportunity to be part of this new, exciting global story. I had a pull to stay on the ride that had already been established, but there was a greater pull into this moment. Working with Jake helped set me up to do this — he also used to say, “When someone offers you a seat on a rocket ship you don’t say, ‘which one?’ You just go.”

KS: How do you think the perception is changing within both industries — especially as it relates to professional athletes and potential cannabis brand sponsorships?

AMD: The wider adoption is what I’m so excited about as it relates to Dosist. (Professional) athletes are helping change and shape the conversation about cannabis right now. We know, scientifically, cannabis has real human performance benefits and the fact that it is still forbidden in most sports is just archaic. Not letting athletes embrace plant-based therapy for pain, recovery or performance anxiety — instead, pivoting them to manufactured drugs? It just feels like the world needs to go in a different place and let them be able to choose cannabis as part of their wellness routines. At Dosist, the fact that we are very science-based, we are trying to take a firmer stance, get more involved and have a louder voice in this conversation.

KS: Your new THC-Free line is probably the easiest entry point, right?

AMD: Even with our current THC footprint, it’s, frankly, still very difficult to scale. So as a result, we realized there was an opportunity to create a national product line — removing the THC, but keeping all the other product tenets of the brand in tact. We created three CBD-, CBG- and CBN-forward formulas using a self-emulsifying technology to allow them to work with your body faster. And we’re doing it at another level than the “me-too CBD brands” — this was critical to us because most people are going to discover the Dosist brand through this line, before they discover it through a dispensary.

KS: I was stoked to hear about your collaboration with my go-to concentrates brand 710 Labs.

AMD: I am thrilled about our new Dosist Live Resin collaboration. It came about two ways: a shared (passion for) innovation and a pre-existing great relationship between our collective product teams; on a personal front, the founder and CEO Brad Melshenker is a close friend of mine, which made it that much more real and authentic for us to come together. 710 Labs are masters at what they do, and their highly curated live resin oil placed in our proprietary performance vaporization devices is a combination that is turning heads in the category already. Our Dose Pen technology elevates the flavor, consumption and experience of their oil at a whole new level, so in the end we have made something amazing together and cannabis enthusiasts are super excited.

KS: What does your own Dosist routine look like?

AMD: With the career I’ve had, cannabis was obviously very accepted. It’s always been around, so I’ve never really personally experienced the stigma — and spending so much time in Colorado for work over the years, it’s been so accessible. For me, it always felt safe and healthy. How I use it today? Absolutely daily. I have at least four Dose Pens and pods on me at all times — like a quiver of snowboards — to serve the headspace I’m in at any moment. If I work out, I like Relief because it can help soothe little aches and pains. If I have a little stress, I use Calm to smooth things out. And then, if I’m winding up in the evening to have dinner or, pre-COVID times, to go meet some friends, I like our THC-Plus formulas. My two favorites are Arouse and Bliss because I know they’re going to give me a nice feeling to bring me up. (Being able to match your mood) with all of these effects is why I love this brand so much — it allows you to pivot from full wellness to full elevation and everything in between.

Katie Shapiro can be reached at katie@katieshapiromedia.com and followed on Twitter @bykatieshapiro.


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