From ant to mayor |

From ant to mayor

Dear Editor:

I think most of us in Aspen aren’t familiar with the Red Ant. The Ant is sort of a blog that has become a watchdog of the Aspen mayor and City Council. I look forward to receiving my monthly Ant and marveling at the work its two authors have put into analyzing and investigating the decisions made ” Burlingame, the instant run-off election and the BMC purchase are examples.

In the last issue the Red Ant announced as a candidate for mayor. As tongue-in-cheek as this was, the Ant’s platform was right on the mark. What candidate could embrace the Ant’s platform and have a chance to be elected? We now have that candidate, and I believe Marilyn Marks will be a great mayor.

Some major issues in the campaign are employee housing, the bad decisions made by the current mayor and council, and the complete lack of business experience demonstrated by everyone except Dwayne Romero.

Marilyn has a background in accounting and has run a major company, which qualifies her to criticize the lack of basic business principles demonstrated by mayor and council.

She is concerned about employee housing on many levels. First is the bankrupting of the employee housing fund by bad purchases. Second is the loss of credibility the city has suffered in trying to be a developer at Burlingame, hiking huge cost overruns, shoddy construction and subsidies that are six times what we were led to believe. She is concerned that employee housing as it is currently mandated is out of date and failing. Residents don’t have incentives for maintaining and improving their units, and taxpayers may be on the hook for many millions of dollars in repairs and upgrades.

Marilyn’s ideas and passion for the good of the city are tremendous, and I think she should be our next mayor. We have given Mick two years, and he has demonstrated his dislike of almost every group of citizens in town. He dislikes seniors, second-home owners, Madoff victims, wealthy tourists, free-market homeowners, business owners and anyone living in a home more than 30 years old. It’s time to elect someone who doesn’t embarrass us, is sensitive to all our citizens and has real business experience.

Gaston Alciatore


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