Frisch thanks community |

Frisch thanks community

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Aspen. It was an intense, but very enjoyable process of running for Aspen City Council. Katy and I were honored to participate in such a well-mannered race. As I said from the start, it was nice to run alongside eight other people, as opposed to against anyone. I want to congratulate Derek and Torre on their election to City Council and the mayor for his success in being re-elected. To the other candidates who ran, I know the community appreciated and needed all the dialogue and debate.

To the community, I say thank you for taking time to listen to my ideas and concerns. Hopefully the 1,000 recycled and reusable bags handed out will be put to good use to help reduce the plastics bags used in town.

While many people were involved in our campaign, I need to make a special thank you to Ali, David, Lisa, Tom, Lindy, Peter, Paul, Val, Alex and Anna for all of your time, efforts, and most importantly the belief in me and our message. To all the people who hosted chili nights, I thank you all for opening up your homes and reaching out to your friends and neighbors.

To Felix and Quintessa, I am sorry for all the missed family time. The upside for you is after personally knocking on the doors of 2,719 voters, I can confirm you will indeed be raised in a wonderful, supportive (and opinionated!) community.

To Katy, thank you for your countless hours of work on the campaign and picking up my share of family duties. If every person who told me that you should open a chili and chocolate chip cookie store after the campaign would have voted for us, I think we would have won.

I also want to thank those of you who offered up your space for all of my office hours. I am proud that we probably held more office hours than the other 13 candidates combined: Zele, Bill at Main St. Bakery, Kiley and Marco at The Cheese Shop, Greg at Topper’s, Paul at Poppycock’s, with a special note of thank you to Emily and Gil at Brunelleschi’s and Brad, Duncan and Rory at the Aspen Brewing Co. We are lucky to have so many great local businesses in Aspen.

To those who voted for us, while we did not cross the finish line, I am honored and humbled for your confidence. I know you will join me in offering encouragement to the new council in making sure our finances are looked after in these challenging times, ensure the community will continue to receive the services and programs we need and deserve, and guarantee Aspen protects its small-town character while continuing to move forward.

Adam Frisch



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