Frisch in his own words |

Frisch in his own words

Dear Editor:

I am running for Aspen City Council as a family man who is devoted to the community and has more than 20 years of budgetary, economic and financial experience.

Aspen deserves fresh ideas from experienced people to keep our community vibrant. Preserving our unique, small-town character, regardless of the current economic situation, is imperative for the long-term well-being of our community. I have an extensive and proven track record of helping lead organizations, in a collaborative manner, through years of financial crises around the world, including the Asian, Latin American, Russian, and Eastern European financial crises of 1997 through 2001 and the days and weeks after 9/11, while working in New York.

While our issues are local and will require a community-appropriate approach, I promise to dedicate myself with the same level of commitment and energy as I have in the past, whether working in large cities around the world, or here in Aspen through many community service organizations, including chairing the Financial Advisory Board for Pitkin County for the past four years.

After talking with many of you over the past few weeks, including personally knocking on more than 900 doors (and counting!), the three most pressing issues I started this campaign on have been validated by the vast majority of the community.

First, we must revitalize the local economy. City Hall must make it as easy as possible for new business opportunities and an entrepreneurial spirit to start and thrive in Aspen. We need to continue to welcome a wide variety of people to town; tourism is not a zero-sum game. Aspen has thrived on a three-part foundation of full-time residents, tourists and second-home owners. We need to appreciate these other constituents for their financial and community contributions. Without them, Aspen would have far fewer jobs, affordable housing, services, open space, local businesses, and non-profit and cultural organizations.

Second, elected officials must instill financial responsibility, whether the issue is affordable housing, environmental initiatives, transit and traffic, or managing growth. For too long, the assumption was an unlimited amount of money for an unlimited time. Those days are gone. If we elect the right people, City Hall will provide the services our community needs and deserves at a price we can afford.

Third, Aspen deserves a new strategic plan for affordable housing. To secure this important community asset, we need to heighten financial responsibility for construction and maintenance and implement a strategy that meets the best long-term interest of all the residents in our community. While quantity is important, we must improve the quality of the entire process: land purchases, design, construction, and inventory management. Finally, with the depletion of financial resources due to the economy and wasteful spending, Aspen will need a new way of thinking to fix these issues.

I ask for your first-choice vote this election. I am here to listen and respond. Please feel free to contact me at or visit I continue to hold office hours on a daily basis through Election Day. Please check my ads or website for details.

Adam Frisch


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