Frisch: experience you can count on |

Frisch: experience you can count on

Dear Editor:

I would like to encourage all voters to elect Adam Frisch to Aspen City Council on May 3. Adam is exactly what this town needs in a City Council person: He is business savvy, intelligent, open minded, in tune with the issues of locals who are building families and roots in Aspen, and in my opinion most importantly, he understands finance. Adam’s intelligence and experience will bring to our City Council the void left when Dwayne Romero resigned.

Adam donates his time and expertise to many organizations in town. His involvement includes Aspen Youth Experience, Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club, Aspen Young Professional Association and serving on the Pitkin County Financial Advisory Board. Adam has been heavily involved in two housing boards and has a strong understanding of the various challenges this community faces with employee and free market housing.

After I first met Adam it became apparent very quickly the intellectual approach he takes to issues. With Adam on City Council we are assured to have someone who listens, can understand all sides of the issues, asks good relevant questions and then makes an objective decision; he is not someone who goes into an issue with their own preconceived agenda. His objectivity and business intellect sets him apart from others. Voting for Adam Frisch is a vote for Aspen!

Sallie Klein