Friends have to protect each other |

Friends have to protect each other

My friend, visiting from Australia, spent Tuesday night and Wednesday in intensive care at Aspen Valley Hospital.

She was hooked up to a respirator because she stopped breathing. She had numerous IVs and a urinary catheter. Why did my friend spend her last night in town in critical condition in a hospital bed?

Because someone put something in her drink at a local bar. The doctors think it was GHB, a common date-rape type drug.

Since this happened, a surprising number of friends and acquaintances have come forward to express concern and support, and to say that it has happened to friends of theirs, or to themselves. In Aspen.

Please, women and men of this community, don’t be silent! If this has happened to you or someone you know, warn your friends! Tell everyone. And women, be vigilant. Don’t end up in the hospital or far worse. Never leave your drink unattended. Don’t accept drinks from strangers, or even acquaintances. One free drink can cost you over $10,000 in hospital bills, or it can get you raped or dead. Never go out alone or let your friends leave a bar alone. Most importantly, if you or one of your friends starts feeling or acting strangely, or appears more drunk than you think they should, pay attention! My friend went from normal to unconscious in 10 minutes. She stopped breathing in 30. Don’t waste time ” go to the hospital or call 911. Please, take care of each other.

Thank you so much to all of the staff, EMTs, nurses and doctors at AVH and to the Aspen Police Department for your prompt response, expertise, concern and professionalism. My friend would be dead if you all hadn’t done your best to help her.

My friend left for home today. Luckily, she’s OK physically. Emotionally, she has some work to do. She can’t understand why someone would do this, and she can’t get over the reality of what could have happened. Someone had plans to rape her, and she could be dead. She wanted me to tell this story so other women could avoid the same fate. Protect yourselves, protect each other.

Devon Wieneke