Friends are special |

Friends are special

Dear Editor:

There are new books out called, “Shift Happens” and “Trust Frequency.” They talk about being flexible and present in the moment, going with the flow, no attachments, no expectations … no disappointments, following your heart is the beauty way. Recently an opportunity presented itself that could have led to a trip to New York to visit friends. That window closed.

But being optimistic a lesson in patience and trust turned out to be more accommodating. I called back my friends who live in New York, told them change in plans, my plane ride to New York had been canceled. Their response was, we have a townhouse in Breckenridge and we’ll meet you there. John and Jean Doswell back in 1977 in San Francisco produced an event for IBM and hired me as a mime. The rest is history and we have been friends every since … gotta love it … I am off to Breckenridge.

Hinton Harrison


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