Friendly competition – like the Olympics |

Friendly competition – like the Olympics

Dear Editor:I’m not sure what to make of all the hype I see in the papers and especially on all the cable news stations about this Survivor flap. All Thursday morning I kept hearing that by pitting race against race – head-to-head – on that show Survivor, was somehow “racist.” That it is inflammatory to the “strides we have made to strengthen ties between races” in America! (You’ve got to be kidding me?!) Even one psychological “expert” went as far to say that should one team lose, that person may go through an “emotional breakdown” for letting his race of people down.Well, I’m not exactly sure where these “experts” and commentators have been the past 100 years. Or what the anchorpersons on these networks do every two years, but apparently they aren’t watching the Olympics! Duh! I guess the unreality people that watch these shows and the ones that compete in them are much more “sensitive” than the rest of the world.So, after listening to all the stern verbal finger-pointing on the TV, I guess ol’ Jesse and Sharpton or the Anti-Defamation League are going to start telling us all to boycott the Olympics. I mean, God forbid, we wouldn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or give them an emotional breakdown! From now on, every country just gets a pretty blue ribbon and we forgo the games completely. Sheeze.Daniel C. MacEncletusGlenwood Springs


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