Friday Oct 3, 2003The Moon moves into Capricorn |

Friday Oct 3, 2003The Moon moves into Capricorn

Friday Oct 3, 2003

The Moon moves into Capricorn and today will be triggering old pains so they can be felt and healed…. pains about your father, authority or lack of it. You will be feeling isolated and alone for sure today. Do not fight it… stand back and feel it and it allows you to take a good, objective look at everything, at your life.

It also allows you to see where you are and where you are going and what your current challenges are, and clearly they include stepping into more authority and responsibility and maybe more isolation – “its lonely at the top” sort of thing. This does not have to be painful, but may take some adjustment.

The good news is that it is expanding you emotionally, uplifting you.