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Friday November 7, 2003

Stand back today and FEEL the intensity of life and of your life… of you living your life. Life and Death are an intense game to participate in and I want you to give yourself a big pat on the back for having the

courage – the cohones – the BALLS – to engage in the game. Feel the pleasure and joy and excitement of it, and then feel the fears and uncertainties of it… yep, ALL that, and more.

So then, feel how amazing it ALL is, the sheer magic and mystery of this thing called life, and call on the Gods and Goddesses to play with you, to make it a Big game, a passion play, a place to have and make visions come true, to live and love to the fullest, to live

your dreams and heal your wounds.

Then feel how protected you are, spiritually and personally, how you HAVE made it this far and are doing fine, and that you WILL go the distance, and make the most of it along the way.

PUT YOU back in your life, front and centre, and be proud of you… there has never been a You before and will never be a You again, the Universe asked for You, and got You,. at this time in life. Thanks for being here with us all!! 🙂