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Friday March 12, 2004

You will, over the next two weeks, be opening to your enjoyment of physical pleasures on all levels, from sex to good food, massage, nice clothes, whatever. More, you will be connecting with which of these pleasures supports you in your spiritual path. YES….

pleasure is a huge part of being human and so it follows that it is a huge part of life, and of Spirit. B.S. to those who say that spirituality MUST remove all pleasure… yeah right, lets see how far that has

taken us as a species… continued war, hatred, etc. Make Love Not War still holds true. What turns you on? Take this as homework for the weekend…. it IS important for you to get clear and answer that

question…. then make sure you have lots of it in your life. My list starts with “Cashews…” I love ’em! My list is also VERY long!! 😉