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Friday June 27, 2003

Ah, a much simpler, less complicated day today. The Moon moves into Gemini so that we will be wanting and needing to talk and connect and communicate with others, to think about things and analyze them, to bring balance between body and mind. Today also gives us more emotional energy in our process of change wherein we are wanting change now, wanting more space, freedom and independence. We are welcoming it and our minds are catching up with it and so feeling much more relaxed and less stressed by all the changes, especially to itself. It is a strange time when we go

through mental revolution, for the mind to try to be thinking about itself at the very time that it is having new thoughts to think that do not fit with what it has ever thought before. Wow, what do you think of that?! 🙂 As the advert once said, let your mind go and see what it brings back! It is all very exciting stuff! Open to it more.

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