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Friday June 13, 2003

Are you feeling the pressure today? You are being challenged from many different directions so that all the issues we have been looking at this past week are – if you will excuse an appalling pun – coming to a head. You – and those around you – are being pushed HARD today to get through all the stuff you need to get past in order to get on with your life at a level that is higher and clearer. Yes, its that big. Lots of

times life just takes over and we are doing whatever is required but are not really at the wheel – more monitoring the automatic processes. Well today is one of those days that slaps you upside the face and yells “Wake UP!” What is needed is to take ten steps back

from yourself to see clearly who and where you REALLY are and what is needed to get to be who and where you WANT to be. The Universe is painting you into a corner that cannot be avoided, to force you to get a grip on the reins of your own life again.

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