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Friday Aug 29, 2003

Pow! The energy that has been SO focused all week breaks out to involve other planetary energies and the most important of these is that now the healing can really happen and as well you can see and feel the wounds you have had to carry till now, that can be healed and are being healed. Woopee. There is real magic being liberated in all of this…. magic for you to move into a whole new higher level and expression of you in your life. The Moon is now in Virgo with

FOUR other planets (i.e. half the planets are inVirgo!) so expect to be giving yourself a hard time,

self criticizing, beating up on you for not being good

enough, having done it wrong etc. You CAN do that, and

the purpose of it is to get you to do better and to be

more “perfected”. Cool. You do not HAVE to beat

yourself up though…. you can acknowledge as well

that you did the best you could at the time and so get

off your back and get on with making the changes you

see are needed, and want.

The result of all this? A much greater capacity for

love and pleasure, connection and relationship with

you and others.