Freedom of ignorance |

Freedom of ignorance

Dear Editor:

After reading Sunny Stapelman’s publicly printed display of ignorance (letters, Nov. 19), my jaw too dropped and I almost soiled my trousers! I retracted my jaw, tore out the article, placed it in my unsoiled pocket, and intended to respond that evening. I forgot, and then read Sue Considine’s reply (Nov. 22). Thank you Sue, and as you stated, I am throwing in my two cents, plus tip

Change (v.) “Make or become different/ move from one to another/ put a clean diaper on,” that one is perfect!

Change (n.) “The act or instance of making or becoming different/ alteration or modification,” just so you know the meaning of the word, Sunny.

A few points of rebuttal for you to ponder, Sunny:

It is none of your business who someone votes for in an election.

You make a gross assumption stating “Obama’s devotees believed every word verbatim.” That’s your opinion, but not fact.

Media bias, manipulation, sound bites, and blatant lies were not needed to sway voters. Eight years of Bush was enough to sway voters to “change.”

Do you honestly feel there’s been anything “pretty” about this country’s leadership and bully-like tactics since 2000?

“Nobody gave me a conclusive answer. They didn’t know.” Question: Why? Answer: “change.” Need they elaborate? Must you pry? Don’t be like American government and stick your nose in every one’s business. Just accept “change.” It can’t be much worse.

Does skin color bother you? Sounds like it does. Voting based on skin color may have been a factor for some. It is their choice, their vote to cast for whatever reasons. Get over it!

Ignorance is your attempt to compare this election to the German “phenomenon” of the mid ’30s. I assume you mean Hitler’s attempt of world domination and the ensuing war defeating him. If I assume wrong, be more precise in future editorial wording, and don’t leave chance for reader misinterpretation.

Hitler was a dictator ” a person ruling a country with total power; power obtained by force. He was an anti-Semite who invaded other countries forcing his views, beliefs, and ways on all who disagreed. Sounds a bit like the Bush Doctrine and present day American military mentality.

You claim, “the politically naïve masses blindly accept myths because they need to believe” and most are motivated youths who are misinformed. Who do you think is fighting GW’s war on oil overseas! Uneducated-misinformed American youth are the ones trading blood for oil. Politicians sell out to lobbyists for funding. Wars make profits for companies lobbying Capital Hill. Government wants us to believe we are self thinking, free willed, democratic individuals. They also need us foolish enough to believe their propaganda and fund wars that kill our youth, instead of funding education and health care to nurture those youths.

Your “Tip” Sunny: Don’t display your ignorance in print. Keep it to yourself.

John Norman


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