Freedom must be used responsibly |

Freedom must be used responsibly

Dear Editor:

As Americans, we have incredible freedoms. Yet our freedoms can and must be tempered by responsibility.

Those who murder our citizens are criminals and should be treated as such, but those who deliberately invoke intolerance and demonstrate irresponsibility (such as an inflammatory video full of falsities and blasphemy) should be held accountable for their actions, as well. American freedom is so extreme that it protects deliberate agitators who willingly and deliberately are the direct cause of the death of valued American diplomats and embassy staff.

We know the Muslim culture is extremely sensitive to overt criticism about its religion, and we know some extremist groups respond irrationally and vehemently, but I contend the perpetrators who willingly provoke a situation where they know innocent American lives may be taken are also guilty of a crime and should be treated accordingly. There must be consequences for irresponsible actions that put others’ lives at risk.

There should be a limit to freedom when freedom directly puts innocent lives at risk.

Susan O’Neal


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