Freedom headed Saddam’s way |

Freedom headed Saddam’s way

Obviously, we would all opt for a negotiated resolution of all international disputes, just as we would opt for peace and peaceful relations with all nations, including the theocracies and dictatorships of the Persian Gulf region, but as our national leaders have made clear, time has grown late and our patience is not limitless.

At an earlier time, we stood by as the United Nations debated and hundreds of thousands were the victims of genocide in Africa. We stood by as the United Nations debated and Saddam Hussein thwarted efforts to obtain compliance with the surrender conditions imposed after Iraq’s armies slaughtered, pillaged and raped the citizens of a neighboring nation.

After the Gulf War, we stood by as the United Nations debated while Hussein’s military committed genocide by gassing many thousands of Kurds (men, women and children) in the northern part of his own nation. We have all seen the photographs taken by the international media of the mortal remains of these families and whole towns.

We have learned some hard lessons in and from that part of the world. It has been made clear to us the negotiations are meaningless when dealing with radicalized would-be martyrs in the pursuit of great evil disguised as religious or political zealotry.

Measured and restrained retaliation to the actions of rogue nations and terrorism merely purchases and generates another round of terrorism. Never doubt that any show of weakness on our part will not go unpunished by the terrorists of the world, and the price of weakness will again be the lives of our citizens.

We dishonor ourselves and those who have already perished at their hands if we give heed to those who would once again call for appeasement. An agreement grounded in appeasement is a contract written entirely in fine print, an illusion that only gives temporary pause to the real necessity of confronting evil and thereafter most certainly exacts an ever greater price for maintaining our freedoms.

Some people apparently still believe in fairy tales and fairy tale outcomes without the hard and often dangerous work and the risks that are always required to maintain favorable and rational conditions for freedom in the world.

Amazingly, many tyrants in our world seem to be able to maintain a belief in certain fairy tales encouraged greatly by those who side with the appeasers and those who believe that a genocidal murdering tyrant can be changed by a kind word or a supplication.

In truth, the tyrants and terrorists fail to understand America. They don’t truly understand that freedom is a part of our national soul. In America, freedom lives in each of us, and freedom’s reckoning is coming for Saddam.

God may be the judge of us all; however, His hard work is often left to all who are willing to go in harm’s way for the sake of those who cannot do so on their own behalf. We must as a national commitment make honor and duty our highest and first calling, or nothing that we are and nothing that we have is worth defending.

Sam C. Mitchell

West Frankfort, Ill.

Snowmass Village

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