Free papers go for small bucks after Hunter’s death |

Free papers go for small bucks after Hunter’s death

Chad Abraham

The greedheads are online.People looking for Hunter S. Thompson memorabilia have quite a few options, including rare, signed copies of his books and posters that can sell for thousands of dollars.Don’t want to break the bank? Well, eBay has just the thing: the free newspaper you’re reading. The online auction website has seven different postings from people hawking the editions of The Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News after Thompson killed himself last week. Of course, the rags are no longer free.In fact, a set of four papers, two from the Times and two from the News, was running $31 after attracting 10 bids.The posting reads, “You are bidding on a set of 4 “Very Special” H.S.T. Papers. First is the 2/21 Version [sic] of the Aspen Times and the Aspen Daily News that had the ground breaking news of “Gonzo” Hunter S. Thompsons death. … If you are a H.S.T. fan, these are a must have. Not a whole lot of these are left!”Especially after you take them all out of the rack and sell them online.Chad Abraham’s e-mail address is

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