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Free Money

When was the last time you got a phone call from a friend saying that they found money for you? Nope, I can’t remember either.

For the last day or so that is what I have gotten to do for my friends. This isn’t exactly free; it is owed to you by companies and the records are kept by the state.

While watching the news a few weeks ago I noticed a report on the Colorado Payback. It is site where you can see if you are owed money from the state. After finding my name I filled in the form on line and sent it in. I received notice that I was owed just over $200.

After receiving this information I went back to the site and started typing in my friends’ names to see if anyone I knew was owed money. Voila, I have gotten to call several friends with the good news.

Next, I typed in the word Aspen. Was I surprised to see: Aspen Skiing Co., Aspen Travel, Aspen Airways, Aspen Title, Aspen Leaf, Aspen lodge. The list goes on and on. It is not just businesses, but individuals as well.

I typed in Pitkin. Yes our government agencies are owed money. I continued to type, Basalt, Carbondale, Eagle. All of the towns have something owed to them.

For instance, whoever puts on the Carbondale Fair, they are owed money. Even our local banks are owed something. I am contacting Pitkin County Bank (now Vectra Bank) and Alpine Bank today.

What have I learned from this? I learned that you should check this out. Go to:

If your name is there, fill out the form linked to the bottom and see what you get.

Can I charge for this information? Yes, if it is over two years old. Am I going to? No, just enjoy the windfall if your name is there. If you get something and see me on the street just wave and say thanks.

By the way, Aspen Times, doesn’t the company that owns you own the Glenwood Post? Well log on; they are owed money. Hey maybe I can get a few free ads!

What a great and fun excuse to contact old friends. Trust me on this, I have not had a phone call rejected yet. Hey, Bob Morris at the Aspen Group, here comes my call.

Good Luck!

Dr. Ken Tutt


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