Free bus needed |

Free bus needed

Dear Editor:

It snowed a whopping three inches last night. Traffic this morning was gridlocked from Buttermilk past the airport to Colorado Mountain College. It took OVER an hour for traffic to crawl into town, which, on snowy days, is more the norm than the exception. The scary part … skiers are not even in town yet because of the slopes not being fully open.

You can actually do something about your goal of getting cars off the road at the Dec. 3 regular City Council. It’s called … vote yes … to take the tax money you already have stashed in the elected officials transportation fund for mass transit and apply it to cover the proposed free parking and free buses from the Brush Creek intercept lot to Aspen.

Snowmass and Pitkin County elected officials have already voted yes to help get cars off the road, reduce global warming, relieve traffic congestion, reduce air pollution and make it easier for the worker bee and guest tourist to take public transportation. Can you please be part of the team effort to make a difference?

The average worker bee who commutes by car to Aspen who makes $11 an hour would have to work an additional eight hours or one more day per month to pay the bus fare from Brush Creek intercept lot into Aspen. With rents and food costs, not many worker bees are going to work an extra day to pay for bus fare when they can drive into town cheaper.

This past summer when the buses were free, ridership increased 65 percent. Don’t we want the same or better results when the roads are icy, snow packed and more jammed with skiers?

Please do not disappoint those who would be willing to park at Brush Creek and take the bus if it were free. Isn’t that what you want … cars off the road and more people on mass transit (buses)?

Thank you for your yes vote.

Toni Kronberg


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