Free America of illegal immigrants |

Free America of illegal immigrants

Dear Editor:

Imagine a better America. An America where one morning, every illegal alien had magically disappeared. All 15-20 million. What would happen?

Twelve-million jobs would open up with cost-of-living wages. Our schools would benefit over $50 billion per year because we wouldn’t be educating 5 million anchor babies and illegal minors. Our prisons would have a 27 percent vacancy rate, saving another $10 billion annually.

Thirty to 50 billion dollars wouldn’t be sent out of the American economy every year. State welfare and health care systems would realize hundreds of billions in savings nationwide.

Dare we citizens to dream? If we denied jobs, welfare, health care and education to all the people who aren’t supposed to be here, America’s economy would see a trillion-dollar turnaround each and every year.

If we want to create jobs, improve education and turn the economy around, all we have to do is dispose of all illegal aliens. We can’t continue to be a welfare society with an open border-Mother Theresa mentality.

The time has come to fix what’s wrong with our country! Maybe the one-finger salute should replace the torch in the Lady’s hand.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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