Tweet All About It: Freaks in the snow in Aspen

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.


“Aspen is full of freaks, heads, fun-hogs and weird night-people of every description…but most of them would prefer jail or the bastinado to the horror of actually registering to vote.” – Hunter S. Thompson #FreakPower #HunterSThompson #FreakPowerFilm #Aspen #AspenColorado” — @FreakPower1970

“Excuse me #universe I asked to be a Boy not  a #Bear Magnet. 2 solo #hikes in 2 days. A bear encounter on each. Huge one ahead of me high over Hunter Creek Valley  on Iowa Shaft Trail. Baby one ahead of me on Little Cloud Trail on #Aspen Mtn.  Luckily no mama in sight. Very  fun.” — @Shebiegirl

“I only vacation in #Aspen because of Romer. In fact, thanks to Romer, #Aspen may become my new home. Who’s with me?” — @sherryratcliffe

“Snow is in the forecast for Monday! Who is getting excited for ski season? We are #Snowmass #Aspen #Snow #SkiSeason #SkiSnowmass” — @SM_Mtn_Lodging

“October Aspen awaiting Autumn snows!” — @MichaelLab06

“It’s meteor shower season, and Aspen’s night skies are the best screens to see the show!” — @AspenLodging

“Snow Polo? In Wagner Park?  During a pandemic.   What do you think #aspen ?” — @AspenSpin

“It makes me happy when I find good Mexican food in small towns. #Aspen #MiChola” — @thacuzzo

“So long #FatCity! #Aspen” — @mikey2go

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