Freaks and propaganda |

Freaks and propaganda

Dear Editor:Wow! George Carlin was soo right, that as U.S.ans we have front row seats to the freak show. And whats freakier than Dumbya & Co. and the corporate media, which have collectively wrecked havoc on our Constitution and our way of life for these seven and a half years (it feels like 50)?You can always tell what is up by what the MSM (mainstream media) is NOT reporting. The latest example being, in a very looong list, the no-bid oil contracts that ExxMobil, Shell, Total, BP are forcing on the Iraqis. Not a bad gig socialize the costs (military), privatize the profits. The American Dream! You have to be sleeping to believe it. Carlin.The one bright spot in this age of un-reason indie media and the Internet. A shout out to relentless Amy Goodman and Democracy Now, who report more truth in five minutes than the Tim Russerts, Wolf Blitzers and other assorted corporate carnival barkers do in a lifetime.Wake up and smell the fascism. Turn off corporate propaganda.Ben NewellAspen

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