Freaked-out GOPers? |

Freaked-out GOPers?

Dear Editor:A lot of GOPers are freaking out about our president’s apparent loosening grip on reality, his angry hectoring and his finger-pointing weirdness during the debates.And the theory has been floated that, in fact, Bush is suffering from a pre-senile syndrome that is a result of his many years of chugalugging the evils of drink. But I think it’s more a pre-penile implant syndrome then pre-senile syndrome. I mean, the guy has wanted to be a big swinging D since back when he was getting pounded in the prep-school locker room; it’s what turned him into the dangerous wanna-be-bully that he has become.Though all these Republican lid-flippers might not just be spinning out over Bush’s point loss to the Massachusetts flip-flopper, more likely it is also from mad cow disease. You ever see how much blood-rare beef these Wall Street bulls can shovel down after a round at Augusta? Maybe the whole party has been targeted by the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Veterans for Truth campaign. Would be a fitting end, no doubt. Maybe someone should call Virgil.Patrick HasburghAspen

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