Fox and class warfare |

Fox and class warfare

Dear Editor:

An “unholy war” (UW) has broken out between the “West Wing” (White House) and Fox Lying News (FLN). The owner, Murdock, issued a statement that the “UW” is good for ratings. Implying that what’s good for America is of no interest to Murdock, who is an Australian. Maybe that’s the way the “penal colony” thinks; I hope not.

What is troubling here is, while legitimate debate over health reform is desirable, “hate” debate is destructive. What can be done about FLN? Simple, stop listening and their ratings will drop. They are so unpatriotic!

Some years ago, Glenn Beck was employed by CNN. I believe he had a secret agenda. By spilling his right-wing neo-conservative crap, he was auditioning for FLN. Guess what! You are right, he got the job. I think Lou Dobbs is following Beck’s model. He is beginning to sound like he is on FLN. Let’s see what happens.

By the way, this constant use of the word “conservative” by the Republican right-wing is an insult to all Americans. We all wish to conserve the lives of our military; natural resources; the environment; integrity; and the list goes on. We have let a small group of radical Republicans hijack the word and concept of “conservative.” All thoughtful Americans wish to “conserve.”

FLN is trying to promote “class warfare.” The poor and middle class need health insurance. There are 48 million Americans without health insurance now. As there are more layoffs – thanks to Bush and Greenspan – and as Cobra ends for the almost 10 million unemployed (one-third children) by the end of 2010, more than 60 million will be without health insurance.

Here’s where the “class warfare” comes in. The Republican rich will see their taxes go up. They don’t give a rat’s ass for the uninsured or less fortunate!

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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