Four reasons for Home Rule |

Four reasons for Home Rule

Dear Editor:Since November of last year, I have served on the Home Rule Charter Commission with 10 other unpaid and dedicated individuals from both parties and both sides of Eagle County. We worked our buns off to get to win-win on every question and waited patiently for consensus on even the hard issues. It was truly a political miracle and an experience that showed me that common sense really can prevail.The punch line of all this is that there are many reasons to vote YES for Home Rule and no good reasons to vote no. The reasons to support Home Rule are so simple:1. We need better representation for everyone, not just those of us in the Roaring Fork Valley. We need to run into our commissioners in the grocery store and see them at RFTA meetings and other important forums. We are missing the boat on many important issues because our county commissioners are spread too thin.2. We need nonpartisan elections where the winner is the one with the best ideas and the debate is about issues, not parties. Although our members each have strong connections with a political party, we talked to people in the community and we all agreed that we are tired of negative partisan politics and are ready for a breath of fresh air. By the way, town elections have always been nonpartisan.3. We need five rather than three commissioners. With a divisive board, one person – the swing vote – will make most of the decisions. Does that sound like democracy to you?4. We need a charter with a code of ethics. This was a very important issue for our Home Rule Commission friends on the Eagle side and we all agreed it’s overdue.You can read the charter at Contact me or any other commission member if you have further questions. Then we hope you will vote YES for Home Rule!Jacque R. WhitsittBasalt

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