Foundation backs Ref. 3A |

Foundation backs Ref. 3A

Dear Editor:

The Aspen School District (ASD) is facing an estimated budget shortfall of $1.6 million from the 2011 budget as a direct result of the Colorado Legislature’s budget reductions to education. The ASD already cut $1.2 million from the 2010 budget and kept most cuts away from the classroom. However, there is no doubt that these additional cuts in 2011 will translate into cuts in teacher and staff positions and impact the classroom, including class size. In fact, this will impact up to 21 teacher and staff positions and certainly have some influence on the quality of teaching and learning that happens in the classrooms.

As a community that defines itself as world class, enlightened, engaged and informed, and as a community that supports quality education, it is imperative that each of us votes “yes” for Referendum 3A. As community members, we can make the difference! A “yes” vote on Referendum 3A will support a mill levy increase and raise $1.35 million to help offset the $1.6 million in cuts. This will save our teachers and staff, preserve our small class sizes, maintain our academic rigor and ensure that our educational programming remains intact.

If you live in a home assessed at $1 million, you would contribute about $32 a year to preserve quality education for the Aspen School District. Please support our children and their future by voting “yes” on Referendum 3A.

Aspen Education Foundation board and staff

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