Foul treatment of water fowl? |

Foul treatment of water fowl?

Dear Editor:The upcoming Rotary Club’s annual Ducky Derby is at hand again. Although this is a great community event, there seems to be an untold dark side that is overlooked.These wonderful ducks seem to be kept in large plastic laundry baskets. It looks like hundreds are just piled on top of each other. They are in these baskets for hours at a time it seems without any shade, food or water until they are thrown into the river for this event. I am almost sure many do not survive to float down the river safely.I recently purchased some chances at one the locations set up on the street. I noticed many of these ducks on display. After picking some of them up for a closer look, I was shocked to see that none of them had any legs or feet. What is happening here? Where are all these legs and feet? Are they in any pain? Has anybody ever asked? What happens to these ducks before and after this event?Many questions need to be answered even though we might not want to hear the truth. Robert TebaldiBasalt