Formula for perpetual war |

Formula for perpetual war

Dear Editor:Because people identify me with the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition, I feel the necessity to explain that I have not attended a meeting since November 2004. Although I support much of what the Coalition has done since November 2004, there is some material put out recently by the Coalition with which I disagreed, and I opposed the views set forth in those materials.I do, however, encourage people to examine President Bush’s claim that the extremists hate freedom. The extremists, including Osama bin Laden, have always had specific demands. The demands include the cessation of unqualified support for Israel, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Middle East and the cessation of U.S. support for countries run by dictators such as Saudi Arabia.We need to have a national debate on these matters and decide if these policies need to be continued, discontinued or modified. It could be that the country will decide that the risk of continued attacks is worth retaining these policies. But at least the country will have been told the reasons for the hatred against the United States and make an informed decision about what policies to follow. To continue to whip up patriotic fervor for the war by invoking the death of freedom if we don’t kill every terrorist is a formula for perpetual jihad and enduring crusade. Calvin LeeCarbondale

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