Former mayor is to blame |

Former mayor is to blame

Dear Editor:

Andy Stone’s recent column is a must-read as a lesson from the infill zoning championed and passed by Helen Klanderud (“All that glitters is not glass – cons and icons in the town of Ego Gulch,” Sept. 12, The Aspen Times).

Andy was shortsighted when he blamed two current council members for failing to pass an emergency ordinance that would have reversed the effect of the Klanderud infill zoning. The problem was apparent when Helen upzoned Aspen to encourage what Andy calls the current crop of “vile developments” and what I called the “Klanderization” of Aspen in many, many letters to the editor.

The effect of the Klanderud infill zoning is a legacy that Andy describes accurately, though he wrongly attributes the blame to two current council members rather than the person (Helen Klanderud) who passed the infill zoning.

Bert Myrin


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