Forget the meds |

Forget the meds

Dear Editor:Recent articles in the newspapers have addressed taking antidepressants for depression and other mood disorders. One article was titled “Study: Benefits Trump Risks for Children Taking Anti-depressants.” Am I the only one to think that this spin from Big Pharma is completely absurd and bizarre? The article goes on to say that chances of suicidal and homicidal thoughts and behaviors are overshadowed and we don’t need to worry.Now there is talk that the killer at Virginia Tech was on a psychological drug for a psychological condition. With all due respect to those affected by this tragedy, the fact is that psychotropic drugs are a serious threat to our society. Do you realize that the killers at Columbine (13 dead) and Red Lake High School (10 dead) were on these same class of drugs? This class of drugs (SSRI) includes Luvox, Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil. Many, if not all, school shootings have had connections to psychotropic drugs.Is this the symptom of a sick society?While many continue to look for solutions through mechanical and chemical means, another approach through a vitalistic and wholistic concept is our best hope to address sickness in our society. The same thinking and same belief systems will only yield the same results.Health is not a sequential process but rather an interactive process that is a result of the expression of energy. The lower the energy, the more sickness and darkness occurs. The higher the energy, the more health and light is expressed through life energy. What needs to be done is to remove the interferences to health. This will optimize health.There are six areas that interfere with health. They are: physical, mental, biochemical, electromagnetic, toxic, and infections and allergies. Through a bioenergetic approach, these interferences can be removed, and health can be restored or optimized. For more info on the six steps to wellness, go to to remove these interferences and energy cysts include, but are not limited to, cold laser therapy, applied kinesiology, nutrition, detoxification, neuroemotional release techniques, and light and sound therapy.There is a mind body connection. If we put toxins into our body, is it any surprise that we will be dealing with a toxic mind?Neurofeedback is a therapy which is like fitness training for the brain. Through this technique, the brain can be trained to function in a healthy way.As our society continues to be influenced by the greedy and self-serving Big Pharma, the side effects will continue to plague us. When will we realize that Big Pharma is not interested in our health but in their profits?It takes courage and effort to break out of the old molds. Until we do, it is just a matter of time before the next tragedy occurs. No school or community is immune. We are only time bombs ticking away.Our planet and our society are sick. Now is the time for healing to occur.Dr. Tom Lankering Bio-energetic chiropractorBasalt

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