Forget the fur |

Forget the fur

Dear Editor:

The article (“Fashion, function, fur,” Dec. 30) seems to simply be free advertising for the Aspen furriers. I wonder if The Aspen Times is applauding the use of fur or hopes to benefit by future fur ads.

Regardless, any discussion of fur choice often, in fairness, mentions the cruelty involved or at least a sentence or two from an animal caring group.

Your readers might be interested to learn that fewer and fewer animals are being trapped because of the decreasing demand by the world’s public ” many of whom have learned about the use of leg hold or other cruel traps. Trappers everywhere have hung up their traps because of the low pelt prices.

I hope in the future to see a more balanced presentation on this issue. I am confident there are many Aspen visiting skiers that wouldn’t be seen wearing furs.

George V. Clements

director, Fur-Bearer Defenders

Vancouver, B.C.

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