Foreign work not easy to come by |

Foreign work not easy to come by

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to make a comment about the recent immigration law in Arizona, which seems to have gotten everyone in such a tizzy. I recently took a trip to Cost Rica, which has long been a haven for gringos looking for a for a place to relax and call home.

Try being an American and getting a job in Costa Rica. First off, the Costa Rican government makes no qualms about telling you that you will be taking jobs from ticos and you better have the papers and documents in order; in fact, if you don’t have your papers you won’t stand a chance of getting a job in Costa Rica … immigration makes frequent sweeps in Costa Rica to flush out gringos working illegally.

Every three months you have to leave the country for 72 hours and your passport better be stamped. The point I’m trying to make is countries all over the world will ask you for your papers and make it very difficult for you to work or live there unless you have a bunch of cash. America, on the other hand, looks the other way and somewhere along the line enforcing our immigration laws became oh, so uncool.

Bruce Benzing


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