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Forced out

Dear Editor:

As a person who visited the Middle East and saw and heard about Palestinian injustices, I feel compelled to speak out. There is no question that Jews excel in science, the arts, finance, education, philanthropy, etc., but some things the State of Israel does are unjust and criminal.

For the most part the sufferings of Palestinians go unreported and unaddressed. Neighboring Arab states took in approximately 700,000 Palestinians in 1948 when they were violently forced from their homes by Israeli forces to form Israel. Palestinians remain in neighboring countries because Israel refuses to let them return even though UN resolutions call for the right of return of the Palestinian refugees. Israel never agrees to their return or compensation for their lost homes and property as it would jeopardize Israel’s Jewish majority. This is a major road block to peace. This unfair treatment of Palestinians keeps anti-Americanism alive and our military spending growing.

U.S. aid to Egypt and Jordan keeps them siding with Israel as well as retaining their dictatorial regimes. The Survey of Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons 2008-2009 states, “At the end of 2008, at least 7.1 million Palestinians, representing 67 percent of the entire Palestinian population (10.6 million) worldwide were displaced persons. … This makes Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons the largest and longest-standing case of displaced persons in the world today.”

Not satisfied with 77 percent of historic Palestine, Israel continues forced displacement of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (West Bank, East Jerusalem), Gaza Strip buffer zone, etc., in its quest for more Palestinian land. Israel’s recent assault on Gaza resulted in about 100,000 people being displaced. There has been no serious actions from the international community in response to Israel violations of international law over the past 60 years.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

– Martin Luther King

Cathleen Krahe

Missouri Heights

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