Force fed by Comcast |

Force fed by Comcast

Dear Editor:

Here is my 2-cent reply to Chris Tessem’s letter “Dishing on Comcast” from July 17, 2009.

Chris, I feel your dismay and frustration with Comcast, and their lack of customer service. I too was surprised when channel 15, the TBS channel, was no longer present on my minimal channel basic “budget” cable service package! I eventually found it at 76 after talking to a friend who already knew of its new location. Some heads up from Comcast would have been appreciated and courteous of them.

My “basic” cable package has 23 channels. Two of those are the same network with the same program, two others are usually the same program with a 30-second delay, one is the town council channel that I never watch, and two are Hispanic channels that I do not understand. This is the cheapest TV package available from Comcast and used to cost $14.99. Since the media conglomerates have gone “HD” and forced we consumers to buy new TVs or get the conversion boxes, the cost of “basic” cable has increased. The cost went up a dollar in January and another since then and is now $16.99 while looking and sounding the same. The same product of yesteryear costs more in the future technological advancement of today. Notice how the old 56K Internet dial-up service once cost $30 or more dollars, and a decade-plus later is still $9.99! That crap should be free with any land-line phone service.

You don’t order at a restaurant in “bundle” packages. You order what you what by individual courses or a la carte. Television providers need to take note of this concept, and offer X amount of channels for a specific price- a-la-carte style of 30 channels for $30 bucks or so. We, the consumer, should be allowed to choose what channels we view and vegetate to, rather then be forced to purchase specific packages of crap and pay more for channels we don’t want. Just my thoughts.

John Norman


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