For toasty fingers in chilly biking weather |

For toasty fingers in chilly biking weather


I guess the main thing about long-fingered cycling gloves is you’re damned glad you’ve got ’em when you need ’em.

I trashed my last pair of long-fingered gloves while using them last winter for cross-country skiing. The Pearl Izumi Cyclone glove that I bought as a replacement this fall is much beefier than the flimsy old things I had before.

The Cyclone has a nice fit, with a Velcro wrist set-up that allows you to pull it tight. There are three separate padded sections at the base of the thumb, at the hammy part of the hand below the little finger and horizontally across at the lower end of the fingers. Pearl Izumi calls it, “Shock absorbing Gel-Lite padding with U-Bridge palm for riding comfort.” Under any name, it makes for comfy riding.

The palm as well as the middle and index fingers come with a special synthetic cover for enhanced gripping and durability. And, thankfully, the back of the thumb is covered with a soft Microfleece “wiping surface.” If you’re riding in cold temperatures, you can count on the need to wipe your nose.

The Cyclone only comes in black and gray, my favorite colors.

I’ve only used the gloves twice so far. Once was on a deceptively chilly fall day when the sky was clear, the sun was out but the wind was roaring straight upvalley. My hands stayed toasty.

The second time was on a day that started cold but soon warmed to a very manageable temperature. I didn’t need the gloves on a climb past the Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley campus, but I didn’t carry any alternatives. I stuck with them and, thankfully, they didn’t cause any excess sweat or discomfort.

Only time will tell if they are durable, but they sure seem well-designed and assembled.

The Cyclone glove retails at fine cycling and sporting goods store for $40, but I picked mine up at a recent sale at a major sporting goods store for $29.

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