For those about to rock … |

For those about to rock …

This evening will provide Aspen with a very important opportunity. Tonight will not only mark the end of an extremely successful X Games, but give us a real chance to show our city leaders that we still have what it takes to party and have fun in Aspen.

Granted, there are many valley residents who probably aren’t big fans of the punk-pop band the Offspring. But that’s not really the point here. The fact that city officials have agreed to shut down a street in town for a rock concert would have been unheard of a few years ago.

However, as our economy has faltered people have become more open to any idea that will breathe new life back into Aspen. We can’t think of anything better than shutting down the streets so everyone can rock.

City leaders deserve kudos for allowing this evening to take place. At the same time, this concert doesn’t come without at least one important thing to think about. If we ” the residents and visitors ” don’t behave this evening it is unlikely we’ll ever have this opportunity again.

That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t let their hair down, dance in the streets and generally whoop it up. But if it turns into a nightmare for the police, then we can kiss this type of fun goodbye.

And that would be a shame, because we really have a great opportunity here. If this evening’s concert is successful we envision downtown concerts on a regular basis, events that would cater to the whole spectrum of music lovers who live and visit here. Nothing would make Aspen more cool and attractive to the outside world than a regular series of music throughout the year that could feature everything from rock bands to jazz to classical music to … well, just about everything.

So we encourage everyone to brave the cold to do some serious headbanging tonight and prove to our city leaders that we still know how to rock in this town without destroying it.

Just imagine how fun it will be to see Mayor Helen Klanderud, dressed all in black, slamming around in the mosh pit. When that happens, we’ll know for sure that Aspen’s soul is still intact.