For the love of his players |

For the love of his players

Dear Editor:My name is Ashley Ryan, coach Rick Ryan’s daughter. My voice may not matter because I’m his daughter, but I just want to say that Aspen High is making a very big mistake. I think this because I managed for him this past season, and personally I didn’t see anything wrong with the way he coaches. He might be hard at times but that’s because he wants the team to be successful; and just as Tom Hanks says in “A League Of Their Own”: “If it were easy everyone would do it, but it’s the hard that makes baseball great.” I feel the quote speaks for itself and for me and my opinion on his coaching. Plus while I was in the dugout I saw how much love the boys had for each other and, yes, for their coach, but maybe I didn’t see the whole picture. I just want to ask after nine great years of coaching why now? He has coached the same way for nine years and he’s even had very successful players in the past. Thanks for listening.Ashley RyanAspen

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