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For progressivism

Dear Editor:

As you contemplate your choices at the polls Tuesday, please consider the following:

(1) A recent NPR survey indicated that 20 percent of Americans possess 85 percent of the country’s wealth, but an overwhelming majority of us wish and hope for a more egalitarian society. Democrats and Republicans, rich and poor, we all share this common desire for a more equal distribution of wealth.

Yet, the current powers that be in the Republican Party are unwilling to support legislation that would sponsor middle class growth. In fact, the Republicans have blatantly obstructed all of the Obama administration’s proposed progressive reforms, including the president’s tax initiative to increase taxes on income exceeding $250,000, which would only apply to those of us lucky enough to be in the over-$250K tax bracket.

The Republicans in Congress have complained and obstructed at every turn but have yet to propose any solutions to our current economic woes other than their permanent tax cuts for the extremely wealthy. How can Mitch McConnell and company honestly think it’s right for an Aspen worker bee like myself to pay 30 percent tax on my income while my wealthiest clients only pay 15 percent?

(2) Don’t be fooled by the Tea Party movement. This is a movement spurred by fear and racism alone, and there is no place for it in American politics.

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Now, I do acknowledge that so far President Obama has come up short on a few key issues, most importantly environmental initiatives. As savvy and intelligent as he is, his earlier attempts at bipartisanship ended up hurting his agenda. But he has signed the health care bill, which, far from being a government takeover of health care, will expand coverage to an additional 30 million Americans. He and his administration have also rescued our international reputation and initiated a Middle East peace agreement. Give President Obama the chance to build on these positive reforms and vote progressive on Tuesday.

Rachel Schmidt


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