For Max, my son |

For Max, my son

Dear Editor:

Twenty-six years I looked at her

She was the prettiest girl I ever knew

We made love for my first time

It was the first time for her too

Fifteen years she was married to me

Every time I think of it … I almost cry

She was the only woman I’ll ever love

Now I only want to die

We had a child; he is beautiful

Looks like his mommy, but sweeter inside

Now I have to leave and go away

You don’t know how much I’d like to stay

I’ll be here if you’d like to call

Someone else will teach you to throw the ball

Take care of mommy; tell her I loved her so

Sorry champ, it’s time to go

I love you, Max, and I will always be thinking of you

If you ever need advice and want your daddy

If you find a girl you want to marry

Make sure she loves you

Save twenty cents of every dollar

So you will have something for a rainy day

Never smoke

Work hard

Whatever you are doing, try your best

Always be kind

Give a homeless guy a couple bucks now and then

Always overuse “I Love You”

Listen to people older than you even if you disagree

Always drive safe

Never take someone for granted

Have a few, but don’t cross the line

Go for walks; it gives you time with nothing to do but think

If someday you’re living with your wife

Don’t spend your time caught up in fights

If you do you may look back and realize

You have wasted your whole life.

I love you, Max.

James Thurston


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