Fools rush in |

Fools rush in

Dear Editor:The United States stands on the verge of escalating the war in Iraq while apparently trying to start hostilities against both Syria and Iran. The war in Afghanistan is increasing in severity, and Israel earlier devastated Lebanon. That will make five countries in the Middle East that will be in conflict. This fills the roster of the president’s advisors, the neocons, that have been pushing for complete destabilization of the area for many years. The neocons first offered this plan to Israel as a way to prevent future catastrophic aggression against Israel.Already hundreds of thousands have died; the eventual toll could be in the millions. The price tag to the U.S. will be in the trillions. Albert Einstein predicted World War III would start in the Middle East. Let us hope this will not be the beginning.We have been brought to this turning point in history by a president who took office with no international experience, no knowledge of history or diplomacy, and no military experience. This president makes decisions by his “gut feelings,” and with the advice of a small cabal of advisors who appear to have the interests of another country foremost.Is it not time for this country to have a more thorough debate about our true national interests, and the best way to achieve them? The adage “fools rush in where angels fear to tread” is all too apt.Patrick HunterCarbondale