Fooled by a yodel |

Fooled by a yodel

Hey people, wake up. As Klaus Obermeyer yodeled for City Council members Monday, they applauded his soon-to-be vision. Let me quote Elizabeth Paepcke: “My sorrow now lies in the fact that people have come to Aspen to make money. My heart is broken.”

Hello Mr. Obermeyer, this town has already given you everything you have and now you want to take from others? Obermeyer is destroying, I repeat, destroying local businesses for him to receive millions. He has lied and misled current tenants throughout the entire design project.

Not to mention the employee housing being proposed is over $500,000 for a one-bedroom – that is not affordable. The project proposes loud service industries, beneath millionaires, next to so-called subsidized housing … what?

Star struck fans and the City Council might be fooled by the beautiful Obermeyer smile, but I see white fangs with the blood of locals dripping from his teeth.

P.S. Hershey and McCabe … You both had every chance to disclose that Obermeyer gave you campaign funding!

Janine Troutman

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