Food & Wine goons at the gates |

Food & Wine goons at the gates

Dear Editor:The Food & Wine Classic came and went, another great weekend for many. But can you imagine the parting conversations of guests whose last encounter was several megaphone-toting “security”” personnel blowing the things – on siren settings – in their ears?Better yet, did you catch the completely over-the-top clown who was rudely and zealously “snatching” every bottle (he deemed “open”) from unknowing folks who approached the exit?One of several women I observed leaving – with a properly labeled bottle – had the bottle yanked from her purse and remarked to this (nut), “Hey, that’s a hundred bucks worth of tequila.” His reply, and I quote: “I don’t give a f*** about your hundred-dollar tequila,” and then took rabid zeal in shoving it into his 5-gallon bucket while he muttered all sorts of profanity and continued on his rant, ripping the yellow “secure” tape from all sorts of vendors boxes, digging rudely through backpacks and purses, and all the while acting like some Napoleon-complex crossing-guard!If he’d have done that to my sister or mother you can imagine my response.To be clear, this complaint is not about the policy(s) of preventing open containers leaving the grounds, or getting guests to leave the venue. Nor is it a blanket comment on the employees of First Line Security, who were responsible for the characters noted above. I spoke to many other gentlemen from First Line and they agreed completely: Certain people should not be in certain places (and they were going to pass on the incidents).Imagine all the “fun memories” of attending the event, only to be trashed – literally -by the verbal and near-enough physical assault of some young twerp who had no business being in that position?When people are leaving with items not allowed out, you graaaaaacccccefully inform them the material will have to stay or return inside. You understaaaaaannnnd their angst and make them feel better. You don’t romp around, tearing at boxes and swearing, shoving their bottles into the garbage and showing your glee in their misfortune.Next year put an Ambassador-of-Aspen at the exits – diplomacy is everything.Scott CrowAspen

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