Food for bears, not death |

Food for bears, not death

Dear Editor:I sympathize with Kevin Wright’s anguish over having to kill hungry bears. However, as a recent resident, I must say that I don’t get it. The solution seems so obvious – feed the bears.In years of scarce ursine food supplies, why not drop a couple hundred bags of Purina bear chow in the backcountry? Is there some concern that the bears will learn to associate food with helicopters? That’s probably a manageable problem. In years like this one, it seems we have a choice. Feed the bears where we want them to stay … or kill them in town. Seems like a pretty easy choice. How hard could it be in a place like Aspen to raise enough money to be able to deal with this situation when it occurs every few years? I’m sure that there is no shortage of reasons why this can’t be done or shouldn’t be done. Fair enough. Don’t feed the bears. Kill them.Anthony BattagliaAspen