Food and wine keeps Aspen on the place map |

Food and wine keeps Aspen on the place map

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

The Boca Raton edition of the Sun-Sentinel reported on May 24 that “The Boca Raton Historical Society is creating a new wine and culinary festival that organizers hope will become a tourist attraction and an annual event of national stature.”

A former Aspen chef was quoted in the piece.

“Nick Morfogen, chef at 32 East in Delray Beach, who was invited to take part, calls his selection ‘a nice honor.’

“‘I participated in such an event in Aspen, and it definitely put Aspen on the food map,’ he said.”

Yes, that’s true. We are the spot marked “dessert.”

Sustainable teaching

The Christian Science Monitor included Amory Lovins in a May 21 article on sustainable college campuses.

“‘I think the university is an excellent place [for sustainability] for several reasons,’ says Amory Lovins, chief executive officer of the Rocky Mountain Institute, an environmental think tank in Aspen, Colo. ‘It has the knowledge to figure out how to do new things, and it has students who have the energy and enthusiasm to do most of the work, and for whom that discovery will be pedagogy.'”

If something is pedagogical, it means “of, relating to, or befitting a teacher or education.” Not to be confused with pedal groggily, which is what you do when your ride to get morning coffee.

Kennedy and Aspen

Many publications are running stories about the Michael Skakel trial, and Aspen is usually mentioned as part of the saga.

Maggie Mulvihill in The Boston Herald summarized the Aspen connection on May 21 as follows:

“The Kennedy clan was reportedly out to get Skakel since 1997 when Skakel told the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office Michael Kennedy had sex with his children’s teenage babysitter.

“Skakel is the nephew of Ethel Kennedy and reportedly infuriated his aunt and her children by ratting out his cousin.

“The Gifford family was also reportedly incensed by the airing of the family’s dirty laundry in public. Victoria Gifford divorced Michael Kennedy after learning of the affair.

“Michael Kennedy was never charged with any crime because the young woman refused to testify against him.

“Michael Kennedy died on New Year’s Eve 1997 when he slammed into a tree on an Aspen ski slope.”

Just another reminder for the masses.

Jettison trash?

The Associated Press reported on May 22 about how “you can now get a little piece of former Enron Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Lay’s life – if you can afford it.”

“Dozens of home furnishings, antiques and decorative items culled from Lay’s family properties are available at wife Linda Lay’s new store, Jus’ Stuff,” the news service reported.

The story closed by noting that: “After Enron descended into bankruptcy Dec. 2 – causing many Enron employees to lose their jobs and their life savings – the Lays began selling off assets.

“Kenneth Lay resigned as chief executive in January and the couple jettisoned homes in Aspen, Colo., and Galveston, Texas, along with commercial properties.”

Hey, good T-shirt: “I was jettisoned in Aspen.”

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