Follow the rules, or else |

Follow the rules, or else

Dear Editor:

As I was taking my office paper to the recycling facility at the Rio Grand Park, I was once again reflecting upon how great it is to have this service provided, and conveniently, at that. And as I walked around the giant mud puddle that resulted from the weekend rain, I thought it was a shame that we didn’t vote for it to be sheltered from the elements. But then I looked around.

Inside the “office paper” bin were shoe boxes and trash bags, neither of which qualify as office paper. And near the phone book bin was a stunning arrangement of 5-gallon buckets of wood stain. On the other end was a huge pile – at least 5 feet high and 15 feet long – of branches, trash bags, and even former Christmas trees. Since there was no dumpster there at the time labeled yard waste, I’m assuming this isn’t quite a sanctioned dumpsite. This has become an eyesore as well as a health risk.

In the past I’ve seen computer monitors, TVs, furniture, broken bicycles, paint cans, you name it. I can’t imagine what would get dumped there if it was sheltered from the view of passersby. While I know this is a case of a few bad apples, it could ruin it for us all. And it would be completely justified.

Recycling companies rely on the people they service to be able to separate materials. Not doing so can contaminate an entire truckload bound for the processing facility, costing time and money for everyone involved, and possibly having the entire load dumped into the landfill.

This recycle facility in town is a privilege. As my father told me, if you don’t respect your privileges, they can be taken away.

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Amy Mountjoy


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