Focus on the issues, vote for Johnson |

Focus on the issues, vote for Johnson

Dear Editor:

What’s with the ugly politics, most recently seen in the salacious and lewd website posted by Republican Rob Ittner’s supporters? How did our wonderful community get to this place where absolutely anything-goes politics are somehow OK? Those who don’t publicly condemn this type of behavior condone it by their silence. Regardless of party affiliation, we are all going to have to live together after this election is over.

I don’t understand why we aren’t talking about the issues that we face in Pitkin County – the candidates’ specific views on land-use policy, existing zoning, and whether or not they are true environmentalists, or rather pay mere lip service to our community’s goals. In my view, these issues should be critical to the examination of any candidate for public office, here, the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners. Who will ensure that this place remains a desirable place to both live and visit, and also whether we have a sustainable tourist economy that doesn’t rely on speculative development? Is that person Jack Johnson or Rob Ittner?

As a longtime member of the Pitkin County Planning and Zoning Commission, I support my fellow commissioner, Jack Johnson, who says what he stands for and truly supports the community’s shared values. I think Jack is the guy who will actually ensure that our community goals are met. Unlike his opponent, Jack Johnson has also done the work to demonstrate his commitment to our community – most recently, attendance at countless meetings to formulate the Aspen Area Community Plan. Jack Johnson also supports fellow Democrats like John Salazar and Gail Schwartz, who are working hard for environmental initiatives that will benefit the state of Colorado and make this a better place to live for all.

Please join me in supporting Jack Johnson, who has a proven track record of supporting community planning and zoning, both on City Council and now the Pitkin County Planning and Zoning Commission. Jack’s considerable intellect and knowledge of the issues, and his wonderful sense of humor, will be a substantial asset to the county.

Vote for Jack Johnson – a Democrat who will represent all of us and preserve this place we love.

Marcella Larsen

Unincorporated Pitkin County

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