Focus on Mick’s dedication

Dear Editor:

As residents of the valley for more than 35 years, we are writing to endorse Mick Ireland’s re-election as mayor of Aspen. Mick is the candidate, we are convinced, that has the experience and the qualities to best carry Aspen through these challenging times.

We have great confidence in Mick’s leadership, although some have questioned his leadership style. But this election is not about style; it’s about substance. We are focused ” and ask all of you to remain focused ” on Mick’s substantial abilities, intellect, and decades-long dedication to our community, as well as the state. His commitment to preserving the soul of Aspen, similar to his passion for tackling the myriad of issues that confront us, has proven itself time and time again. We are a better community for the years of service that Mick Ireland has devoted to our collective causes.

Mick has earned our trust, our respect and this endorsement. Before you cast your vote, we would ask that you please consider this thought: This isn’t about Mick; it’s about all of us.

Gail and Alan Schwartz

Snowmass Village