Fly away, Eddie |

Fly away, Eddie

Allyn Harvey

Riding the lifts these days, you’re likely to run into a lot of people who share a country and love of skiing with Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. If you’ll remember, Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards became the darling of the ski jumping world when he was the first-ever representative from England in the Olympics. About half the size of most of the athletes, a bit rounder than most of the fans at the games and wearing a pair of large, plastic-rimmed eye glasses, Eddie was the underdog’s underdog at the Calgary games. It’s safe to say he was the biggest story coming out of Calgary that year, even though he finished dead last in both the 70 meter and 90 meter jumps.Mention Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards to skiers and snowboarders visiting from England these days, however, and you’ll find that you’re getting into some sensitive territory. Seems as if 21st-century Englishmen and Englishwomen don’t share the fond memories of Eddie that we Americans do.Just the other day, a couple at Highlands made it clear that Eddie has long faded from the spotlight in the mother country – and good thing, too. The female Londoner said that as she understood things, Eddie’s ascent to the bottom of the jumping world convinced Olympic officials to make qualification harder. She didn’t hide her glee with the fact that Eddie was eliminated from the field.She and her husband in fact had plenty of positive things to say about Aspen, Snowmass and Aspen Highlands, skiing in Austria, the exchange rate and any subject besides skiing in France (too many people, not enough trees) and Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. Their lodging was delightful and the terrain terrific. They were a bit surprised by how few people were skiing here, but admitted that Snowmass had been crowded enough to get them to Aspen Highlands.All in all, they were enjoying their stay just fine – until, that is, yet another American brought up the subject of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards.

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